Astrology of Love and Sexuality



Love and Sexuality Secrets with Astrology:


We can gain tons of helpful knowledge about ourselves and other people through an investigation of positions, arrangements, and angles in astrology birth (natal) outlines. Love and sexuality are areas of our lives that interest many. virgo zodiac sign


There are specific things to search for in astrology that will shed light on individual personalities, inclinations, and styles. At Cafe Astrology, we offer a wide assortment of articles on these profoundly charged points:




Venus, the goddess of love, uncovers much about how we approach relationships, sentiment, and love. Its situation by sign, house, and perspective shows how and where we approach communicating love.


To dive deeper into how you–and others–express sensations of love, just as how you view relationships, search for the position of Venus by signing in the birth diagram. Learning the sign of your significant other’s Venus can go far towards understanding your relationship. Also, caring relationships are much more conceivable when we use astrology!


 Sexual Astrology:


See our Sexual Astrology page for specific sexuality insider facts of Venus and Mars in the signs.


See our Sexual Astrology: Eros in the Signs page for translations of the space rock Eros in the natal outline (and tables to track down the place of Eros in any diagram.


See our articles: What a Man Finds Attractive in a Woman and What a Woman Finds Attractive in a Man.


Heartfelt Compatibility:

Love Sign Compatibility Compare Venus signs of you and your partner. Is it a love match?


Synastry, the specialty of relationship investigation in Astrology, is a complicated and fascinating apparatus for investigating how people respond to, and connect with, the energies of others. When we analyze the planets’ places in a single birth diagram with those of another, we can find examples of association.


Many individuals talk about finding their “perfect partner.” Whether or not this is imaginable, astrology can uncover exceptional associations between individuals. In our article, Soul Mate Astrology, we investigate these associations.




The position of Mars in a natal outline uncovers what persuades and invigorates people, how they express their drive, what they need, and how they approach getting what they need. Dive more deeply into what matters to individuals through the arrangement of Mars by signing in the birth diagram.


Further, the arrangement of Mars by sign in the birth diagram can enlighten us a ton concerning sexual drive and tastes.


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