Great Tips for Easy Hotel Room Feng Shui!

Anyone lucky enough to travel, whether for business or vacation, has likely had a wide range of experiences when entering a hotel for the first time. From the glorious tropical flower arrangements in the lobby to the timeworn carpet in the hallways, and even the possibility of total assaults on your senses that loud music or pungent odors can cause. Unless you’ve been to the hotel before you can never be sure of what you’re going to get, and sometimes not even then. Much like that commercial for internet travel sites that sell you a beautiful picture that doesn’t convert to reality once you arrive.

There are some things you can do before you go that can help prepare you for the worst or even help you to deal with the non-energetically aligned. Some folks travel with their own pillow, while others like my sister even carry their own Clorox wipes and Febreze. Both of these seem extreme, but they’re actually on the right path to creating great chi in your hotel room. Remember, chi involves all of your senses and how you experience a space, so anything that will make you feel more comfortable and at ease is always a plus.

Here are my top tips that will also get you heading in the right positive chi direction:


  • Many hotel rooms are furnished with the classic dresser that has a large mirror above it. Unfortunately this piece of furniture is also usually directly in line with the foot of your bed. Some rooms may also have a large television on the dresser facing the foot of your bed. Both cases can cause restless sleep patterns and uneasiness when in bed. A simple fix is to always travel with a cotton shawl that you can use to throw over the mirror or television when you’re ready to sleep. If you’re a woman, you may even get some double use out of the shawl if it matches your travel attire! If you’re a guy and don’t have any shawls handy, you can also use the extra blanket or bed coverlet that’s already in the room.
  • Good feng shui always deals with what’s happening in your Relationship Quadrant, so who says that even a temporary space like a hotel room should be any different? Pack a non-breakable picture frame with an image of you and your sweetie and place it in the far right corner of your hotel room. This will keep you in mental alignment with the desire for closeness while you are far apart. If you’re traveling together, it will keep reminding you of your love for each other, even through the often stressful events that travel can involve. You know, like booking the romantic ocean view and then finding out that it’s above the outdoor restaurant! Add a couple of pink candles and your romance chi will be flowing. 분당룸싸롱
  • For all you business travelers, I have a couple of tips that may make the difference between coming home empty-handed or landing that big deal. There are two areas in your hotel room that you can enhance with some good feng shui tools. The first is the far left corner of your room. This is your Wealth Quadrant, so it’s pretty obvious that you should give it an extra boost. While I don’t necessarily recommend packing them in your luggage, they shouldn’t be too difficult to find once you arrive at your destination. Purchase some pretty red, pink or yellow flowers, arrange them in one of the extra glasses from your mini-bar or bathroom and place them on the nightstand or the work table in this corner. Flowers embody fruition and the flowering of your prosperity. If you feel like spending large, buy a live orchid plant and then leave it as a gift to your housekeeping person. She will be sure to spread the word about what a wonderful guest you were and it will give you lots of positive chi when you return in the future. The other place to keep in mind is the area midway along the right wall of your hotel room. This is your Creativity Quadrant and is where your projects are being hatched. This is a great area to place your work related documents, work on your laptop, or place an object that reminds you of that goal you came to accomplish. Both of these tips will keep you mentally focused on attaining your business objectives.
  • Sounds and smells in your room are also very important to creating good feng shui. As I mentioned, all of your senses are involved in perceiving positive chi. Fortunately, every hotel room usually includes the ubiquitous radio/alarm clock. Tune it to a station playing the music you love to listen to at home and you are immediately connected to good memories. Or, if your trip is definitely on the stressful side, tune it to some classical or soft jazz and infuse your space with calming melodies. Sound completely fills a space and keeps the loneliness away, or it can be an accomplice to setting a romantic mood for you and your travel companion. Smell on the other hand just has the potential to invite you in or repel you in the opposite direction. It’s over in an instant but can leave a very lasting impression. It’s also very personal and can be implemented in a variety of ways. Infuse a handkerchief with your honey’s favorite perfume or cologne and place it on your nightstand and you will fall asleep with loving thoughts; plug in a wall diffuser in your bathroom with a citrus scent and you’ll be invigorated before heading


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