How to Integrate Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies to Dominate Your Market

There’s no doubt that online marketing is everything these days. You will be behind the game if you don’t have an online marketing strategy. However, it doesn’t mean you should let go of traditional marketing campaigns. They still work if used correctly. You can even integrate different marketing platforms and dominate the market. For example, if you work with a reputable digital marketing Kansas City agency, you can expect great results. Here are some tips the experts will give you in integrating traditional and digital marketing tactics. 

Consider traditional campaigns and move them online

Traditional marketing strategies like press releases and the use of business cards are still great. However, you can place them online instead of using paper. Digital press releases remain popular, and many people respond well to them. They also show that you’re running a serious business. Business cards are also easy to share with others online. Place your contact information on digital business cards and send them to potential customers or business partners. Check out with marketing agency Kansas City experts. They will help you understand the entire process. Be open and see where the campaign leads you. 

Put a face to your brand 

Back then, companies hired models or celebrities as brand ambassadors. They’re all over print ads and other traditional campaigns. You can do the same online. Put the face across all campaigns and make this person the company representative. You don’t even need to pay big celebrities to endorse your brand. Social media influencers are available, and they can also move people to patronize your brand. Be smart in using the right person to be the face of your business and scrutinize the choices well. 

Post your traditional campaigns online 

If you continue using traditional campaign methods like community outreach or handing out flyers, keep doing them. However, you can’t let them pass by without letting your online audiences know. Tell everyone the other campaigns that you do—post updates on your social media accounts too.

Engage across platforms 

Engagement will always be necessary, regardless of your chosen platform. It’s not enough to launch an ad campaign. Once you see reactions, try to respond. For online campaigns, you have to answer reviews and brand mentions. You must do the same with social media comments too. For traditional campaigns, people will usually call for inquiries. Others will send an email. Don’t get tired of responding to them. You want everyone to know that you’re serious about winning them over.

Track the results

It doesn’t matter which strategy you used to reach your target audience. It’s critical to track the results. You want to know where you stand after launching the campaign. It will help you determine the next move. These metrics will tell you where you’re not doing well and how you can do better. For instance, you can check the number of visitors to your website after launching an online campaign. If it goes up, it’s a positive sign. For traditional campaigns, track the people who called your business for inquiries. Decide how to move forward based on these results. 


Integrating different campaign platforms is possible. However, you have to work harder if you wish to see results. In both areas, don’t feel discouraged if you can’t see immediate results. It always takes time to change people’s minds. You should also prepare yourself to fail. It doesn’t mean everything is over. You can try different strategies in the future. Don’t leave anything out if you want to succeed. Don’t listen to people who tell you that offline or traditional strategies no longer work. If used correctly, you can still benefit from them. 

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