How to personalise you stickers in minutes

Would you like personalised stickers but don’t know how you can get a design?


We’ll help you create a professional label design that looks amazing with prior experience or no special skills needed in the next few minutes.


Sticker it, a brand that prints custom stickers & labels, have built an online designer that enables you to create sticker designs online. It’s nice and easy to use. There is a library of pre-made templates you can use to generate your design very quickly, with minimal skills needed.


What designs can you make?


You can produce nearly anything you can imagine. The pre-made templates cover all types of stickers from; drinks bottles, product packaging, logo stickers, name & flag stickers & more. You can effortlessly find them in minutes to find a suitable template for your application.


How easy is it?


It’s so simple. You can produce a design in less than five minutes if you use a pre-made template. We’d highly recommend this because they’re all made by professional designers.


If you’d like to get more custom, you can build artwork from scratch. This requires an eye for design, so we suggest this if you’re used to designing other things.


What decals can be personalised?


All different types of labels, graphics & stickers can be personalised. The applications are unlimited.


You can design anything from events stickers & product packaging labels to large floor stickers. 


Sticker makers hold a range of materials you can have your stickers printed on to. These are available in incredible effects, such as; gold & silver mirror, glitter, fluorescent and transparent.


Where do I start?


Visit Sticker it and search for a pre-made template. Alternatively, you can upload your current design & edit it or create a design entirely from scratch.


The online design tool is straightforward to use; we recommend just having a go. You can buy just a few stickers to see how they look.


Please comment below to let us know what you’ve been making. We’re excited to hear about what you need stickers for.


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