Places to Sell Your Smartphone

So you’ve decided to sell your smartphone. You’re dying to get your hands on the latest iPhone 4S.

You’ve got everything you need to make a transaction. But the question is where do you sell it anyway?

There are many places where you can sell your smartphone. You could sell it to your sibling, but obviously they’re going to ask for an insane discount because you’re related. You could also sell it to your neighbor, but they might just do the same, since you’re all living together in one area.

If you’re having trouble picking a place where you can sell your smartphone, there are two ways you can choose to sell it. You can either do it locally or online. If this is your first time selling something, then here are some places you can check out.

Offline methods: realme

1. Classified Ads
Though it may look outdated to you, it’s still an effective way to put yourself out there. It’s also the quickest way to sell since the ads usually get printed immediately. If you print it in your local newspaper, it’s a great way to meet up with the buyer. They can check out your device and inspect it for themselves, thus avoiding scams.

2. Posters and Fliers
Also, you don’t necessarily have to print advertisements in newspapers. You can advertise in your local electronics store. Usually the owners are kind enough in putting up fliers in their shops when someone wants to make a sale.

3. Garage sales
This is an even more unlikely place to sell your smartphone, your computer, or other technological gadgets. But this is still worth a try, since you never know if you have a fellow neighbor that’s also into tech stuff. If they aren’t, they can surely point you to the right person who is interested in buying your device.

Online methods:

1. Social Networking Websites
You can utilize websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Don’t think it’s a silly way to sell your smartphone. It’s actually a very good way to sell stuff because people already know you there. They trust you and know information about you, and you can use this to your advantage.

It’s also a very good place to make a quick sale, because others can refer your item to their friends, and their friends, and so on. It’s no wonder that many people actually sell cars and clothes on Facebook.

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